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Gardening with Vegetables,
Herbs, Fruits and Flowers

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Oh yea! easily one of our most favorites for the garden, a little tougher to grow, if you want a nice thick walled pepper, in our zone, but we take what we can grow because they are so good.

Peppers are very slow to germinate, for us about 3 weeks, so every year it seems we start them a little earlier. This year we started them the week after Christmas, indoors since seeds do not need light until they emerge and the leaves spread out a little, then they get moved to our greenhouse.

Green Peppers

Seed Collection

Each year we save and dry the seeds from our peppers, we plant non hybrid seeds, so the cycle can continue. Each variety should be planted away from each other so they do not cross pollinate, we have planted different variety's just a few feet from each other and had no problems, the large growers say 1/4 mile apart, which is not practical for us.


Peppers seem to like their feet or roots a little cramped so we leave them in smaller containers for a longer period of time. By the time we plant them in the garden they have flowers and small peppers on them which gives us a jump start.


Our usual favorites to plant each year are Bell, Anaheim, Jalapenos, Ancho, Cyanne and Sweet Banana


Some of our peppers after harvest.

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