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Gardening with Vegetables,
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Beans are one of the best things to grow in the garden, they are easy to grow and almost every body likes them. We like them fresh or canned, I actually like them better canned. We can a lot of beans each year in our pressure canner. Each season and we dry the pods, then save the beans for next years planting and for using in soups.

Part of our bean patch

Growing Fast

We always get so excited about how fast the beans pop out of the ground, i think they are the second only to radish for germination speed.

beans emerging from the soil

French Beans

Some of the French beans are ready for harvest for us to can.

French beans are ready for harvest

Calico Beans

Some of the Calico beans are ready to harvest also.

Calico beans

Check out our video recipe of baked beans.

(4 part video)

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