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Gardening with Vegetables,
Herbs, Fruits and Flowers

As the sun comes up and stretches across our garden on a warm august morning, it is very relaxing to me as I sit on my porch and drink a cup of coffee. Just thinking about going out and picking a fresh ear of corn which is coming on strong by now. The fresh carrots, beans, cabbages, blackberries, raspberries and some of the tomato's and peppers, they all seem to be ready at the same time.

When the garden is ready for harvesting it is the most exciting time of the season, all of our hard work is paying off. Our hard work is not over though, now we begin the process of picking, cleaning, drying, freezing and canning.

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Our entrance to our garden

Our goal of our website is to share our experience with others,

and maybe inspire someone to start gardening,

the way we were inspired was through our parents and grandparents.

Who does not like a fresh garden medley?

This is one of our dinners we cook the most in the summer.

We usually use fresh cut up garden vegetables including tomato's, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, crooknecks, kale, onions and garlic or anything else that is ready.

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Cooking one of our garden medleys

A few thoughts from us about gardening

We have been gardening in the Spokane area for 16 years now and
previously in the Seattle area for about 20 plus years.

Of course what we can grow in Spokane compared to the west side of the state is totally different. In the Seattle area we were able to grow lots of lettuce,
(If the slugs did not eat it all) and beans, radish's and all of the other cool climate plants, sometimes we could get a few ears of corn.

Here in the Spokane area corn is one of the easiest crops to grow.
We also grow a lot of tomato's, cantaloupes, cabbage, carrots,
peppers, onions, garlic (planted in the fall like a tulip) eggplant, asparagus, raspberries, blueberries (with soil amendments)
thornless blackberries, logan berries and many fruit trees.
We have apple, peach, plum, cherry and pear.

Our Favorite Tomato Variety, Brandy Wine

Brandy Wine Tomatoes our are favorite variety to grow, as you can see in our video they are very large and meaty, they have the best flavor of any tomato we have tried.

One of the reasons we have a tall garden fence


Turkey's are fun to watch but they can destroy our garden plants very quickly, we have a 6 foot tall fence around our garden, it keeps out most of them but once in a while we have to chase one out that flew in.

The turkeys scratch and dig up the plants even though we only have berries, asparagus and garlic growing right now.

Click on either image of the turkeys to see a larger picture

These trukeys can destroy a garden very fast

Map showing where we are located

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